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About Us

Sree Ayyappa Seva Samiti, Vasai (SASS), a Registered Charitable Trust is in the field of Human Welfare exertion in Vasai since its nascency in the early 1970s. As Vasai has turned out into a metropolitan suburban township of Mumbai municipality due to spur in developments and immigration of population, the Samiti also progressed and in the process spread out its exertion in and around Vasai with the following as its major points and points.

 • To promote Bhakti movements, rested on Sanathana Dharma and fostering of communal and social amity in the society.

 • To establish and run health centres, educational and spiritual institutions, human well-being schemes, community hall,etc.

 • To render selfless services to humanity through spiritual means.

• To spread and rehearse Universal love and affection through proper tuition to all people.

 • To promote geniuses in erudite, artistic, cultural, scientific, medical, spiritual, technological, educational and sport fields.

 Some of our major achievements

 1. Sabarigiri Temple

Sree Sabarigiri Temple is a rare monument in Vasai. People from all walks of life visit the temple and find solace to their problems. SASS being an institution exhaustively committed for conjunct harmony, could effect a peaceful and harmoniousco-existence among the hearth of the place in real spirit and Temple has turned out to be one of the stylish platform for the same as the presiding is Swamy Ayyappan who has been worshipped by people from all walks of life irrespective of their folk, creed and religion.

 2. Medical Mission

 The charitable Medical Mission of the Samiti, being run from its Registered Office tries to take care of the physical and material well being of the society through free Homeopathic and Acupressure consultancy and treatment which are being helped by a large number of people, cutting across mortal- made fences of folk, creed, language, religion, region, language etc.

 Financial assistance to the poor, tyrannized and poverty-stricken to meet their medical outlays on their specific requests. In the case of serious sicknesses similar as cancer, type, heart etc. where huge expenditure is involved, the Samiti through shared whiles, approach like willing persons for financialassistance on behalf of the cases and pass on the same to the cases to meet their medical outlays.

 3. Prarthana Mandapam

 The personality contained Prarthana Mandapam is serving the purpose of a full fledged Community Hall with an residency capacity of about 1000 people. It has now wax a tectonic sought after points for conducting marriage and marriage receptions, spiritual, artistic, social gathering etc not only by substances but societies as well.

 3. Educational

 SASS arrange regular classes on Bhagawad Gita, Narayaneeyam, Sreemad Bhagavatham etc. which are helping the participants to be mentally balanced and stronger. As a result they’re good to face the hurdles and challenges in life and overcome them without any hassles. SASS conducts prismatic artistic, social, spiritual programmes for transferring educational, cultural, spiritual and artistic knowledge to the people at large.

4. Future Plans

 Our Future plans are to convert the present Prarthana Mandpam into a full fledged Community Hall with all space-age amenities where we can also have a library and reading room, construction of long awaited Gopuram to the Temple. We also intend to conduct blood donation camps and health scrutiny camps regularly.

 SASS through its exertion to all communities, irrespective of order, creed and religion, continue to rivet on establishment of perpetual Human Welfare institutions, especially in educational and medical fields for the benefit of present and future generations.

 Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

 Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya

 Om Namashivaya

  Managing Committee

 Sree Ayyappa Seva Samiti, Vasai